pruning a fig tree

pruning a fig tree

Pruning of a fig tree

As with all other fruit trees, there are different ways of pruning. You can prune a fig by cutting half of the branches if they grow to fast or you can cut of the top of the branches.

Do not prune too much. You must also look at the age of the tree. The easiest way is to start at the top and then work your way down. Obviously do not cut any of the young buds this will ensure growth. When a fig tree grows too fast, the growth can be controlled by annually stabbing a spade one-half to one meter from the trunk straight down this will cut the roots.

Pruning can be done during the rest period, from November to February. During the summer months, the form can be corrected or chip the roots for a possible halt on growth. During the months March until October one can always apply extra fertilizer products to give the fig extra “vitamins” to stimulate growth again.

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