Everything about protection and nutrition for your olive trees.

Special nutrition (fertilizer) for your Olive Tree

After buying an olive tree, nutrition and protection are of utmost importance. De Bergerie created special fertilizer tablets for olive trees. These should be used in spring (februari until may) to provide for extra fertilization of your olive tree throughout the whole growth season.

Besides fertilizer we also sell other products at de Bergerie like Mycorrhiza (Flower Saver Plus which enrichers your soil), Biovin (also enriches your soil as an addition to Mycorrhiza), lime and diverse pesticides and protection products that will keep - or get - your olive tree in perfect condition.

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About de Bergerie

De Bergerie was founded in 2000 and has since then specialized in Olive Trees. Because we get our olive trees from their natural habitat, we have to help it by using the right nutrition products. Not only should we water our olive trees, we also have to supply vitamins and minerals. Only watering your tree will not suffice. A good and beautiful tree starts at its roots.

We are known for our vast knowledge and expertise (FAQ) on Olive Trees. We also sell extra products like fertilizers, soil and protective covers.

Our trees are selected by us in Spain.

Dentro Olivo: the olive tree for inside

Because of its beauty, the olive tree is often placed at locations that are not really suitable for a life tree. Not enough light, bad air, wrong humidity and bad temperature. Yet he appears more and more in living rooms, restaurants, churches, showrooms and offices, as facility landscaping. The Bergerie has developed a few years ago an semi natural olive tree. We call it "the Dentro Olivo".
"The Dentro Olivo" is a genuine original distinctive trunk of the olive. The trunks that we use are between 40 and 80 years old, some are even over 200 years old. Partly because of this is the character and beauty are well presented.
"The Dentro Olivo" looks completely natural and is very durable. You will never have to give water, it hardly needs any care. You can also place the tree outside.