How do I take care of my Rhododendron?

Do not place your Rhododendron in full sunlight.

The Rhododendron does not like to be standing in full sun but a little "filtered" sunlight is just great. Make sure the soil stays moist and that the root ball does not dry out.

Use the right amount of water for your Rhododendron

It is of great importance to the the humus layer is good when that is the case, the plant may easily come to be water. The soil should be well airy and not too compact. This can be accomplished by adding sand. The tricky part is to be on time to give the right amount of water. When the plant will flower the top may be dry and the bottom wet. When the plant is watching is the indication that the leaves will droop a clear sign that there is too little water to absorb. If one gives too short water is the top moist but not the bottom, the root will then die, after which the plant will die.

Use the right fertilizer for your Rhododendron

This is always tricky. What, when and how much. You can use fertilizer, but it is becoming less used. It has better results with organic fertilizers. the time to do it is only in the growing season and not just before the winter because then the plant should be hardy. However much it is often difficult to assess. Always adjust with overload. It is better to slowly increase the manure. When there is too much it is practically impossible to what what is too much to take out. The Bergerie has a special nutritional package for Rhododendrons. This package consists of soil improvers that complement each other and the tablets can slowly release the nutrients. You can use this at the start of the season or as an addition.

Nutrition for your Rhododendron