FAQ olive trees

?When can I prune an olive tree ?
An olive tree can be pruned throughout the growing season. What you do not like you just cut off. For example, some long shoots. It is best to cut too long shoots and the root branches at the bottom of the trunk always use a sharp clipper. The best time to prune is just after the winter, when the frost has passed (March / April). Any frozen wood you can always cut away and the tree will become very nice. After pruning you can give your olive something extra nutrition for growth. You can give the olive fertilizer tablets
?The tree has yellow leaves what is the problem ?
Yellow leaves with (dark) spots usually indicates too much water. The soil should be well-drained. Yellow leaves that curl, shriveled fruit or yellow / green leaves that fall off usually indicates drought. The tree requires regular watering because it has a compact root ball. Especially in sunny periods the tree must be regularly watered. An olive tree must not stand in the water with his feet. Note that if there is a rainstorm often very little water falls in the pot. On the page problems with an olive tree we describe also another well know problem.
?Do I have to place my olive tree inside in the winter ?
No, you do not have to place your olive inside. The olive trees of the Bergerie are hardy. The bigger the tree, the better they can withstand frost. The larger trees with a trunk circumference of more than 10 inches can withstand the frost for a short period. When the theater forecast predicts a longer period (over 1,5 weeks) than you have to protect the tree against the frost. You can use protective sleeve, possibly combined with a heating cable. The smaller olive trees can be put away in a shed or garage. or for example under a canopy against the wall and out of the wind. The safest way for an olive to withstand the winter time you can put the olive in a greenhouse. Just make sure that the root ball does not dry out. When you place the olive after wintertime from inside (your house) to outside there is a big chance it will loose its leaves. As soon as you place the olive outside give it some extra nutrition like fertilizer tablets these tablets will help to overcome the winter period. Or you can use a special nutrion package.
?Can I plant an olive in my garden ?
Yes but due to the different surroundings the best you can do during planting is to give the olive something extra by giving Flower Saver Plus We sell it as Flower Saver Plus. Moreover, the olive tree grows best in a pot, because the soil is then more manageable. The root ball is not mixed with other ground and you can better regulate the water balance. After placing you can always use a nutrition package so the tree will have enough nutrients to grow.
?Does it matter if you place an olive on the east or north side
An olive tree can stand on the north and east, but must be protected from excessive frost on the norther. The olive tree is a big sun worshiper. The more sun, the better. A shortage of sun is particularly visible on the quality of the fruit. But the olive tree as such is important that there is sufficient light and can also to the north and east !.
?My olive tree has lost almost all its leaves just after winter. Did the tree die.
However, an olive tree can withstand frost overnight, he can get a shock if it is a prolonged period of frost. One tree comes through with no problems, others will already drop its leaves. But an olive does not die quickly. Especially the bigger ones and the ones that are encased come right through. If the tree has lost all the leaves the tree should be examined in the spring where the living part is still in the twigs. Only the tops are often frozen. Only this should then be cut off. Make a small scratch with your fingernail on the bark, you can easily see if the branch is alive, if you spot green it is ok if it is not green but brown and dry the twig is dead. The humidity of the soil is very important keep an eye on the olive tree and fertilize properly. You can buy a nutrition package. Then with a new period of sun the olive tree will again form new leaves. It is a slow grower, and he will do about two months to recover from the winter.
?Does an olive need any fertilizer ?
We fertilize our olive trees twice a year. For this we have specially manufactured fertilizer tablets and we have special nutrition package. The tablets provide a uniform and optimal fertilization. They should preferably be used in the early spring and you can give your tree something extra in July or August. These tablets are available in our online webshop.
?Are there any soil improvement materials ?
When placing an olive tree in a pot or in open ground we always use Flower Saver Plus (this is available in our shop). This product contains traces of Myccorhiza to strengthen the root system and serves as a starter fertilizer. The result is a stronger tree / plants and better growth. Biovin is another soil stimulator that we have added as standard in our special nutrion package.
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