The last few years the olive tree became extremely popular
Olive trees adorn more and more places terraces, patios and balconies. The olive tree is popular because of its distinctive shape, its durability and the fact that it holds its leaves even in the winter. Furthermore, the olive symbolizes peace, love and fidelity. The olive tree can withstand the sea climate. Het milde Nederlandse klimaat is geschikt voor de olijfbomen die wij verkopen.

Good soil

The olive tree has only a few demands for its environment. The ground structure is the most important one. In the countries of origin, the olive stands in a clayey and sandy soil. When you want to place an olive in the ground, we recommend special soil that is similar to the ground in Spain or Italy. In addition, we subscribe to use a soil improvement substrate around the root ball like Flower Saver Plus or Healthy Start tablets. Flower Saver Plus and Healthy Start tablets contain Mycorrhiza this has the function of stimulating the root system of the olive. By using this supplement the olive has a bigger chance to catch on." Even when you place an olive in a pot or repot we strongly recommend to use Mycorrhiza. You can also use a special developed nutrion package.


Once a year, preferably in early spring (starting from March) we fertilize our olives and our other Mediterranean trees and plants. We have special fertilizer tablets. They are called Healthy Start tablets they contain organic fertilizer. These tablets provide a uniform and optimal fertilization. The tablets are pressed around the stem in the soil and dissolve in approximately 3 - 4 months, during the growing you can use either more tablets or you can use the nutrion package. In the winter we protect our Mediterranean trees with special protective covers that are easy by means of a zipper and tensioning straps to apply. They are breathable covers that prevent the olive from extreme cold (east wind). The combination of covers and heating tape is the best protection.
?When can I prune the olive tree?
The olive tree can be pruned throughout the growing season (march until october). What you don`t like you can just cut off. For example, some really long twigs. It is best to cut and remove the root branches at the bottom of the trunk. The best time to prune is just after the winter, when the frost has passed (March / April). Frozen wood you can just cut away. After pruning you can use a nutrion package so the tree can absorb nutrients for a quicker recovery.
?My olive tree has yellow leaves. What should I do?
Yellow leaves with (dark) spots usually indicates too much water. The soil should be well-drained. Yellow leaf curl, shrivelled fruit or yellow / green leaves that fall off usually indicates drought. The tree requires regular watering because it is a compact root ball. Especially in sunny periods the olive must be regularly watered. But the water must be able to drain easily. For this we use special olive substrate and ground. The olive tree must never stand in the water with his feet (roots). Note that after a rainstorm very little water is fallen in the pot.
?Does my olive need to be put inside in the winter time?
No, you do not have to place your olive inside during the winter. The trees of the Bergerie can withstand the winter. The bigger the tree, the better they can withstand frost. The larger trees with a trunk circumference of about 9 inches can endure for a short period. Is this a long period of time in succession than the entire tree can be protected with a protective sleeve, possibly combined with a heating cable.
?Can the olive be placed in the garden?
Yes, an olive can be placed in the ground but the ground must have the same characteristics of the soil in Spain or Italy and in addition we recommend when you place a olive to use Flower Saver Plus. This encourages the root system for a better growing.
?Can the olive survive when it is placed on the north or east side?
An olive tree can stand both north and east, but must be protected from excessive frost on the norther side. The olive is a big sun worshiper. The more sun, the better. A shortage of sun is particularly visible on the quality of the fruit. But for the olive as such it is important that there is sufficient light and that can come either from the north or east side!
?My olive tree has lost almost all its leaves, is it dead?
However, the olive tree can withstand frost overnight, it can get a setback when the period of frost is longer (about 2 weeks). One tree comes through with no problems, others will already drop its leaves. The olive does not die easy or quick it is a tough tree. Especially the larger ones that are encased during winter have a bigger chance of survival. If the tree has lost all of its leaves one should check the branches during the spring where the living part of the twigs are. Most of the time only the tops of the twigs are frozen, the best thing to do is to cut these away. When you make a scratch with your fingernail you can see directly if the twigs are alive or dead. If the scratch is green it is alive. Always check the moisture content of the soil and make sure it is neither too dry or too wet. Always use a fertilizer package after winter or during the growing season the tree also need “vitamins”. The olive will then form new leaves again. It is a slow grower, and it will take about two months to recover from the winter.
?Does an olive need a fertilizer?
We fertilize the olive tree twice a year. For this we have special fertilizer tablets and different fertilizer packages with organic ingredients. The tablets dissolve slowly. The best time to use these tablets are just after the winter period and in August to October. The only thing you have to do is to place the tablets in the ground between the roots.
?Are there other options for soil improvement?
When placing an olive in a pot or in open ground we always use Flower Saver Plus. This substrate of Mycorrhiza strengthens the root system. The result is a stronger tree, with better growth and flowering time. Flower Saver you only have to apply once a year. Later in the spring, the Flower Saver Plus can be stimulated with Biovin. For that reason Biovin is part of the fertilizer package that we recommend to everyone.