Bayer Decis 20 ml.


Bayer Decis can be used against different kind of lice and against leave eating beagels . Decis already works as soon as you spray it on the insects. Decis is the successor of Calypso.  With 20 ml of Decis you can make 40 liters of spray liquid. 


Bayer Decis is active against lice such as; leaf, socket-, shield and mealybugs and caterpillars

Bayer Decis has been developed for spraying directly on the insects. Because of the special composition of the product, there is a long after-effect of about 10 days. Provided that the crop will be well sprayed. When the insects eat from the crop, or come into contact with the treated plant Bayer Decis will do its work. It is because of  the composition of this liquid that it will last for a long time. 

Product Features:

It is very effective against leaf-eating beetles
It gives immediate results
It has a long residual effect from 8 to 10 days

Application Advice:

Per square meter you should not exceed over 100 ml. spray liquid. It is wise to do a trial test at a part of the garden. A test has the advantage that you can see if it works. If still damage is found, one must  proceed. If the desired result is not achieved repeat the treatment after 2 weeks.


It is wise to treat the crops at night and not during the day time with temperatures above 27 degrees Celsius, to avoid burning the crop. Make sure it does not get into the pond it will destroy it’s fauna. When used it should be breathless


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