Fertilizer package for fig trees


One package with everything in it.

Suitable for one fig tree or a fig bush. This package cpontains a mix of different fertilizers for a good growth and a help a quick recovery from the winter. 


A complete fertilizer package for a fig tree that contains everything for a good growth.  


One package is good for one fig tree of for one fig busch.  
The package contains 2 differrent nutricions. The tablets are a slow release product. That will give the minerals slowly to the soil, and BioVIn which is made of grape residu this will help to absorp the nutrient quickly to be absorbed by the roots. Both materials are complementary to each other. 


In the package you will find 10 tablets and 1 small bag of BioVin. Biovin ensures a quick absorption of the minerals and is very suitable in combination with Flower Saver Plus.  

If you want to have an extra boost please chack the webshop and take a look for Flower Saver PLus. This is a soil improvement material. It is a Mycorrhiza (they will improve the growth of the roots we sell it per bag. 

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