Fertilizer package plus XL for olive trees


One package that contains everything.

Sufficient  for one tree (11 to 32 inches  girth) or several thinner trees. This package contains a mix of several soil improvement materials for proper growth and repair of winter.


Fertilizer package Plus XL for the olive tree, for a good recovery of the winter


One fertilize package plus XL  for the olive XL is good for one tree (80 to 140 cm. Girth) or several thinner trees. The package contains a mix of different soil improvement materials for proper growth and repair after the winter period.


Inside you will find 15 fertilizer tablets of 21 gram, 1 small bag of lime (150 grams), 1 small bag BioVin (150 grams) and 1 bag Flower Saver Plus (a soil improver in the form of Mycorhizza). BioVin improves mineral absorption and is ideal in combination with fertilizers like Flower Saver Plus.

To give your tree a little extra remove about 2 inches from the top of the soil away and mix it with BioVin and Flower Saver Plus together with a bag of Mediterranean soil. After this replace everything and give the tree a little water so everything is activated.



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