Fertilizer tablets for Rhododendron XL


It could not be easier. These fertilizers have been specially formulated to deliver the nutrition gradually throughout the entire growing season. The tablets can simply be pushed into the soil near the roots. From that moment, the nutrition gradually dissolves. The best months for adding these tablets are from March to June. If you want to give some extra you can add some more tablets later in the season. 


Fertilizer tablets for olive trees. 

It is so easy and so simple with these nutrition tablets for rhodondendron. The tablets can  simply be pushed into the soil between the roots. These tablets are 100% organic. 

The slow-acting (slow release) fertilizer is released gradually throughout the entire growing season. During the entire season the plant will benefit from sufficient fertilizers.

The best months to start adding these tablets are between March and June. You can always add  some more tablets later during summer time.  They can also be used for other pot and hanging plants.

Tip: if you want to give add a soil improvement material you can also buy Flower Saver Plus. 



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