What is good soil for Rhododendron?

Provide an airy ground

The soil should be light and should contain sufficient water. When the roots go down too far, they can not absorb more oxygen, which is essential. When the ground close late this can also cause a problem. Slamming can be overcome by mixing sand or coarse peat it.

The proper pH is important for your Rhododendron

The pH value is also very important. An ideal acidity is between 4.5 and 6.0. This value ensures that the plant can easily record various minerals and nutrients. Humus-rich soil often has a pH that has the correct value.

The Rhododendron has a superficial root

The Rhododendron have surface roots that go up to about 40 cm deep. Thus, when one passes water, it is important that the root ball proper wetting of making this long can hold water and do not dry out.

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Improve the soil for your Rhododendron